Next Stop? Honk Kong!

Gina and I are packed and headed out for vacation in Hong Kong. I have a tiny bit of work-related stuff to do in the city but this is a vacation and the plan is to have as much fun as possible . . . after the miserable plane trip to the city.

I'll be posting updates at and will try to remember to post here at least once. But at the moment it is time to get ready to rush to the airport. Bye, gang!

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition

I've been reading Warhammer FRP 3rd Edition* lately and I'm really torn. On the one hand, I'm loving the approach to the game and how much more boardgame like the entire system feels. On the other hand, and thankfully I only have two hands, I'm unsure if I like this better than the 2e rules.

I suspect the answer is that each does something better than the other, but I thought I'd ask for opinions. Anyone out there have experience or comments on the newer edition of the game? Likes? Dislikes? Did it kick you when you weren't looking?

Back to Hong Kong

It's time for another trip to Hong Kong, and this time it's for vacation with Gina. We're leaving on Monday and will be gone about a week, during which time I'll post updates to and the SJGames website. I'm looking forward to another great time in the city . . . and to finding more awesome toys to drag home.